Mimos Baby Pillows – Prevention & Correction of Baby Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly)

What is Plagiocephaly?

Mimos pillows plagiocephalyDeformational Plagiocephaly is a condition characterised by a flat spot on the back or one side of an infants head caused by uneven pressure on the skull. This may be due to intra-uterine pressure, the birth process, extended time spent in a neonatal unit, or most often, the infant’s preferred sleeping position. Often a child who exhibits a reluctance to rotate their head to one side will develop this preferred sleeping position, which in turn can produce a flat spot on the skull. For example, when babies lie on their back for extended periods they can develop a flat spot where their head presses against the mattress.

For many years medical doctors have viewed plagiocephaly as only a cosmetic issue, confidently saying to parents that the head will naturally assume a more symmetrical shape as the child gets older. Unfortunately however, the research very strongly supports the fact that this does not happen, and that developmental delays are associated with plagiocephaly.

‘Case-control study of neurodevelopment in deformational plagiocephaly’ was published in Pediatrics in 2010. The study assessed the neurodevelopment of infants with and without deformational plagiocephaly at an average age of six months and  concluded: “Deformational plagiocephaly seems to be associated with early neurodevelopmental disadvantage, which is most evident in motor functions.” (1)

A study published in Pediatrics in 2000, ‘Long-term developmental outcomes in patients with deformational plagiocephaly’ concluded: “Infants with deformational plagiocephaly comprise a high-risk group for developmental difficulties presenting as subtle problems of cerebral dysfunction during the school age years.” (2)

A study published in 2009 ‘Are infants with torticollis at risk of a delay in early motor milestones compared with a control group of healthy infants?’ demonstrated that the congenital muscular torticollis group achieved early motor milestones significantly later than the control group. (3)

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At Mt.Eliza Family Chiropractic, we stock Mimos Baby Pillows which help in the prevention and correction of baby flat head syndrome. The Mimos pillows we stock are specially designed in shape and reduces pressure by 400% and encourages the baby’s head to move in a healthy position for a comfortable sleep.

Using Mimos baby pillows is very easy. Simply place the back of your baby’s head on the pillow. The cavity in the pillow helps your baby’s head to grow in a natural shape while allowing them to still turn from side to side. For baby’s who experience flat head syndrome, Mimos pillows can provide both uninterrupted sleep for parents and their children as re-positioning during the night doesn’t need to occur any longer.

What makes Mimos pillows the pillow of choice with flat head syndrome:

  • They are highly recommended by doctors and chiropractors.
  • Breathable and safe (anti-suffocation TUV certificate).
  • Effectively treats and prevents baby flat head syndrome
  • Comfortable, soft and compact
  • Allows 180˚ of head and neck movement.
  • Safe for direct contact with baby’s skin.
  • Hygienic and anti-allergic
  • Machine washable and quick drying.

If you have any concerns that your baby may be experiencing baby flat head syndrome, then please call Mt.Eliza Family Chiropractic and talk to one of our chiropractors about the options available to you to manage the condition, including the implementation of a Mimos Pillow. Our chiropractors can also give you advice and tips on your baby’s positioning during sleep or when laid down.

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