Paediatric Headache – Mt Eliza, Frankston, Mornington, Somerville, Baxter

children-headacheMt Eliza Family Chiropractic Clinic provides care for paediatric headaches and migraines to the local Mt Eliza, Frankston, Mornington, Baxter and Somerville communities.

Headaches are common in children and adolescents and are commonly seen in our practice. The vast majority of childhood headaches are due to cervical spine (neck) dysfunction. This condition is managed very effectively through gentle and safe chiropractic care. However, because headaches are so common, many people think they are a ‘normal part of life’. However, a persistent headache is a sign that something is wrong.  The continual use of pain medication to combat headaches is akin to removing the warning light that alerts you to a problem in your car!  Medication doesn’t solve your child’s headache, it simply offers a short term solution to dull the pain.

Assessment of Headache
Your Chiropractor will assess your child for headache triggers, and perform a detailed history, orthopaedic, neurological and spinal examination to determine the cause of your child’s headache.  Further diagnostic testing such as X-ray or MRI may also be required.  Upon arriving at a specific diagnosis, care can begin.

Relief From Headache
Chiropractic is an extremely effective treatment for paediatric headaches.  By carefully restoring proper movement to the spinal joints of the neck, your Chiropractor is able to significantly reduce the presence of nerve irritation and muscle tension helping to alleviate the cause of your child’s headaches.

Best-evidence approach to practice.
Please note: All of the chiropractors at Mt Eliza Family Chiropractic support a ‘best-evidence’ approach to practice. Evidence based practice is the careful use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients, both adults and children. For a list of research articles supporting the potential role chiropractic may play in paediatric health care please go the ‘Chiropractic Research’ tab.