About Mt Eliza Family Chiropractic Clinic

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Mt.Eliza Family Chiropractic has very experienced male and female chiropractors who have a combined total of over 100 years of chiropractic experience.

Our well-trained and caring chiropractic team provide gentle chiropractic care for all ages. Many types of conditions are confidently and competently managed by our chiropractic team including whiplash, work injures, motor vehicle injuries and chronic back conditions as well as conditions unique to the paediatric population.

For over 30 years Mt.Eliza Family Chiropractic has provided care to members of our local and extended community including Mt.Eliza, Frankston, Mornington, Karingal, Carrum Downs, Somerville, Seaford, Baxter, Cranbourne, Pearcedale and beyond.

Our Mission Statement

“We will through communication and education, empower you with the wonderful potential of chiropractic so that you may reach your maximum health potential.”

Massage / Myotherapy / Flexion-Distraction Therapy

Our practice also has massage and myotherapy available, as well as specialist equipment specifically designed to help patients with disc protrusions (slipped discs) as well as conditions such as osteoarthritis, chronic back pain and sciatica.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

We also are well known throughout the Mornington Peninsula as THE practice to go to for gentle and safe chiropractic care during pregnancy. Since 1986 our practice has provided quality chiropractic care to expectant mothers including advice on nutrition and general health and wellness throughout the pregnancy.

Paediatric Chiropractic Care – Kids Chiropractor

Our clinic also boasts the only true paediatric chiropractor on the Mornington Peninsula. Dr Glenn Maginness has a Masters Degree in Chiropractic Paediatrics and is a ‘kids chiropractor’, seeing only babies and children in practice.

Dr Jemima Hoult also has extensive training in the field of chiropractic paediatrics. She has completed a paediatric post graduate course, and in addition to this, has also trained in the field of paediatric neurological assessment and management. Due to her extensive experience and training, the majority of Dr Jemima’s patients are also babies and young children.

Neurological Developmental Assessment

Dr. Jemima Hoult is a chiropractor who is trained in the field of paediatric neurological assessment and management. The Neurological Developmental Screening Tests are used to determine which parts of a child’s brain are functioning at the expected level for his/her age and/or which parts of the child’s brain are not functioning at the expected level.  The results will provide us with insight as to whether your child may benefit from treatment and if so what type of treatment would be best suited for your child.

Satisfied Chiropractic Patients

Since 1986 the cornerstone of the success of our family chiropractic practice has been the consistent flow of chiropractic referrals we receive from our satisfied patients. Quite simply our practice is based on the premise that if we exceed our patients expectations, both in terms of service and quality care, and if we provide the education and knowledge for patients to make informed decisions about their own health, they will get well more quickly and will then be more likely to tell others about their experience.

Family Chiropractors

Our chiropractic team understand that there is so much more to health than the absence of pain. As family chiropractors we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve improved health and wellbeing through a greater understanding of how their body works and in doing so allow each and every one of our patients to express their maximum health potential.